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Once you purchase a film from us you will be able to play the film right from the platform. You will also be sent an order confirmation email, with a login link, you can login with the details you provided from other devices and play/stream the film.


You can play this file from your computer or mobile device, you can also play via your TV in a number of ways:


  • Connect your computer to your TV via a HDMI lead and play through that input option

  • If you have a smart tv and can access your email through it, you can navigate to your file link and login to play over the internet via the TV

  • If you have chromecast or airplay as part of your TV system, you can play the film from your device and stream using your setup. 

Each link is set to allow streaming over three days

Purchased files are for streaming only, we do not currently offer download links.


If you have any issues with streaming the file or further technical questions, please contact us via

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