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First Breath (2021)

Available to Stream FREE NOW

15min   |   Non-Verbal   | 2021

Produced by Rob Alexander 

Directed by Phillip Clemo 

FIRST BREATH is a bold, innovative non-verbal short documentary. It explores the journey of human ageing through the diverse landscapes we inhabit, including our own bodies. 


The central thread through the project is the ageing human form from birth to death. These body images are captured as ambiguous landscapes and compared and contrasted with macro and micro images of Earth.


First Breath is an introduction to The Breath Project a larger ongoing project which has featured on two TED talks, at the V&A and the  Eden project. 


Made in collaboration with members of the production teams who worked on David Attenborough's ground-breaking natural history programmes. First Breath will be available to stream online from 22nd April 2021 (Earth Day). 


Supported by Ffilm Wales, Arts Council England and MEDIA EU.  

'First Breath' Trailer
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until 7th January 2022
An additional 6 minute Behind the Scenes trailer is also available for free via the ‘WATCH NOW” button

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